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Wharton proudly offers every Pre-K through 5th-grade student an International Baccalaureate (IB) education. Our IB program is funded by parent contributions to the PTO through ¡Juntos!, and we need your support to sustain our IB Primary Years Program (PYP).


Donate to ¡Juntos! for Wharton's IB Program

We encourage you to set up a recurring monthly donation to help sustain Wharton's IB program.




¡Juntos, we can do it! Thank you for your generosity!


Why IB?

Simply put, the IB program is engaging, challenging and relevant. Through inquiry-based learning the IB PYP creates independent thinkers who are caring, active participants in a lifelong journey of learning. Learn more at www.ibo.org

IB in Action: 3rd Grade Class Economy
IB turns a 3rd grade economics lesson into an exciting, hands-on learning experience with a yearlong classroom economy that builds on and connects concepts learned throughout 3rd grade. Watch this video to learn how IB enhances education through the eyes of Ms. Rodriguez’s 2021-22 3rd grade class and their yearlong class economy study.



IB at Wharton DLA Video Series
Discover how IB came to be at Wharton and its importance to our teachers and students by watching a series of short videos prepared by Wharton PTO. The videos feature insights from Principal Day and Ms. Silva, our IB coordinator.

  • Video 1: Origins of IB at Wharton and how IB is integral to dual language curriculum
  • Video 2: How our students benefit from IB and how IB works in the classroom
  • Video 3: Teacher training necessary to teach IB and how your donations make that possible
  • Video 4: Transdisciplinary learning extends to enrichment opportunities that are funded by your donations

How You Can Help
During the 2022-23 school year, 110 Wharton families collectively donated more than $30,000. This year, we need more Wharton families to join our effort! Let's make it happen again in 2023-24.

Let us know at juntos@whartonpto.org if your company will double your donation with corporate matching. 


Questions? Email us at juntos@whartonpto.org.

Download our ¡Juntos! flyer: