Wharton DLA Playground Updates


Your generous donations to our Wharton Eagle Runs and DanceFit by Boosterthon over the past four years have allowed us to make additions to our SPARK Park and begin building an upper grades playground. Please join us in our fifth year of playground fundraising during our 2024 Wharton Eagle Run by Boosterthon, so we can complete phase II of our upper grades playground. 



Our lower grades playground has been designated a SPARK Park, which means that the park is open to the public after school hours until dark and on weekends and holidays. Additional playground equipment to improve our SPARK Park was installed in June 2022. 

New Upper Grades Playground

Phase I - Installed January 2023

Wharton DLA PTO ordered equipment for the first phase of the upper grades playground in December 2021, and phase I was installed in January 2023! Phase I cost $101,690 for the playground equipment, shipping, installation, and ground covering.

The first phase of our upper grades playground features a large Phyzics Full Moon climbing structure and four-part Champions Trek obstacle course. The obstacle course includes a balance beam, Chaos Climber, Sprawl Wall and Tapered Tower. Watch this video to learn more about how much fun the kids will have on the obstacle course.

Phase II - Revised Fall 2023
With equipment costs rising each year, Wharton DLA PTO revised phase II to meet our budget. We have selected a multi-level Mega Tower play structure with twisty and straight slides, a bridge, elevated and ground level activities, and a variety of paths to explore. This Mega Tower play structure will cost $146,515 for the playground equipment, shipping, installation and ground covering.


We already have $89,138 saved for phase II from previous Wharton Eagle Run by Boosterthon fundraisers. We hope to raise $65,000 during the 2024 Wharton Eagle Run by Boosterthon to complete funding for phase II.

In late December 2023 we received approval from HISD on our revised playground addition. Phase II is now ordered, and Wharton PTO has made the downpayment, so it's imperative that after expenses we raise at least $57,377 during our Wharton Eagle Run by Boosterthon fundraiser, so that we can pay the remaining cost of phase II upon delivery of the playground equipment.

Mega Tower Play Structure